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Alarm-Connect Services.

What is ALARM-Connect ?

The Alarm-Connect range of services is specially designed for Alarm and CCTV monitoring users and providers to connect their IP-based and legacy assets together using low-cost Broadband networks.

Providing fully managed ADSL Internet connections for each branch Alarm Connect Services allows multiple sites to be joined into a secure network replacing traditional ISDN connections at lower cost and with higher performance.

Alarm-Connect is a fully managed Internet-based  Service, meaning that each site is monitored by our systems 24x7 using a market-leading Sonicwall Firewall, a sophisticated management portal, and telephone and on-site Support Services*. This replaces outdated Redcare** services.

The service also allows sites to share other data and applications such as email and business applications in addition to alarms and CCTV.

What do I get with ALARM-Connect ?

The ALARM-Connect service is available in three options to suit every requirement and includes the following:

Managed Internet Router and Firewall

VPN Networking between providers and monitored sites.

Optional Secure Home Working to view sites and branches

Telephone Helpdesk Support Services with next day hardware maintenance replacement.

Ongoing Security Upgrades for your firewall carried out remotely.

Optional Anti-Virus and Content Filtering for on-site computers.

ADSL connections on each site from one of our selected Internet Service providers or a Leased Line or SDSL connection for larger sites

Is it Secure ?

Blue River Systems are leading providers of Internet Security services enabling compatibility between legacy and IP-based CCTV and alarm systems and modern IP-based ADSL networks.

Typical savings by switching from ISDN to Alarm-Connect for a 10 branch CCTV-monitored branches can be over £30,000 per annum.

The firewalls are centrally monitored for security alerts and connection failures with automated security upgrades carried out automatically remotely from our central management systems ensuring your service stays up to date and secure.

VPN Networks are recognised by ACPO as the only secure method of transmitting CCTV over IP networks.

What Support is included ?

ALARM-Connect has the highest level of support for ALARM users. First line support is provided directly by your regular ALARM Support Team, ensuring you have just one number to call.

Any network or equipment issues are escalated to Blue River Systems support who monitor all firewalls and circuits 24x7 for performance and security problems.

What are the Options?

ALARM-Connect is available with five options which can be combined** to create the network you require. 

ALARM-Connect Provider Designed for CCTV monitoring companies and allows a single IP connection to replace the myriad of ISDN and dial-up connections typically in use today.
ALARM-Connect Secure Business - Central For alarm and CCTV monitored customers. Allows connection of local cameras and alarms back to a monitoring provider. Branch is competitively priced for smaller sites.
ALARM-Connect Secure Business- Branch For alarm and CCTV monitored customers. Allows connection of local cameras and alarms back to a monitoring provider. Branch is competitively priced for smaller sites.
ALARM-Connect Secure-Installer A packaged network security service for Alarm installers wishing to offer their clients the latest cost-effective technology.
ALARM-Connect Home For home or mobile users wishing to view CCTV from remote locations.

Who can I speak to about ALARM-Connect ?

The services are designed for ALARM users to be easy to order and use. You can order ALARM-Connect from ITS by completing and sending an ALARM-Connect order form.

Simply decide which sites will be monitored and choose your monitoring services provider.

We automatically calculate the network links and equipment and design and install* your network within the fixed single setup and quarterly charges.  Standard order forms are available for all the ALARM-Connect services.

Alarm Connect in detail.

ALARM-Connect provides Internet connectivity and a managed VPN between branch, home and central sites with the following components.

  • A broadband 512k 50:1 contention (Business) ADSL connection per site (or always-on twin-channel 128k ISDN where ADSL not yet available). Connectivity is provided within the service charge via our preferred ISPís. We continuously monitor geographies for ADSL coverage and migrate sites across to ADSL without additional cost.
  • A managed Internet Router with 5 external IP addresses for future expansion (ADSL Sites). IP Address is required for reliable ALARM Support Access.
  • A Security Gateway Firewall supporting VPN tunnelling to Central Site. (Firewall also supports ISDN dial for non ADSL locations and ISDN dial backup if required in future). All firewall functions are fully managed. VPN functions allow ALARM support access.
  • Local firewall data traffic prioritisation for VPN traffic.
  • Local Web-browsing policies and content protection (includes include/exclude groups). Updated Content groups are available as an additional option.
  • User ID on the Central Portal to view Traffic Profiles, Security Alerts, Bandwidth, Internet usage and up-time for all firewalls. Customised groupings by region or department
  • Emailed Firewall usage and performance reports.
  • Redundant ISDN dial back-up included (and enabled if required and ISDN circuit is available).
  • Installation and configuration of above.
  • Support Options as defined below but including Remote Monitoring and Configuration, Telephone Support and 8 Hour Hardware Replacement Maintenance.

ALARM-Connect creates a Private Network across the Internet to branches and end-users using strong encryption with SonicWALL firewalls. This network can carry all kinds of information including Applications, Voice over IP, Payments and CCTV. (diagram above)

The management portal (diagram above) provides minute by minute information on security alerts, network performance and availability.

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